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Putt Easy - Putting Training Aid
The Putt Easy, putting training aid, trains the user to consistently apply 2 of the major skills required to consistently hole putts; creating a perfect putting stroke and hitting the ball slightly on the up to impart top spin at impact. The Putt Easy provides instant feedback on every putt you practice.

The Putt Easy is easy to assemble, is compact for storage and is straightforward to use. Once assembled, adjust the green guide rail to your desired stroke pathway - a straight through putting stroke, a slight in-to-in arc or a more defined in-to-in arc.

The Putt Easy is used in the following steps:

- place the ball one side of the red bar and the putter head the other side
- rest the putter shaft lightly on the green guide rail
- take the putter back along the green guide rail
- on the follow through the putter shaft remains against the green guide rail
- at impact the putter head should not hit the red bar so that top spin is imparted on the ball
- the putter shaft should remain on the green guide rail for the remainder of the stroke.

Click on the 'Watch Video' button to see the Putt Easy being demonstrated by PGA Professional Stuart Smith.

The Putt Easy has featured in Golf International and National Club Golfer magazines with rave reviews. GI said "the thinner bar which appears to block the path of the clubhead itself - is actually a stroke of design genius". NCG said "its beauty lies in its simplicity". The Putt Easy has also been featured on Chris Evans BBC Radio 2 programme.

This product, at only £44.99 + £4.99 p&p will ensure you not only improve your scorecard, it will last you for many years. (Please note: the p&p price is for mainland UK orders. If you would like the Putt Easy posted to Europe or Res
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Ian Macdonald - 2 handicap
The Putt Easy is now an integral part of my practice routine - it is enabling me to maintain a consistently pure putting stroke throughout the course of the season
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